Clarabella Christie

Vintage Clarabella

Vintage Clarabella is a sustainable, 100% recycled collection of unique pieces made from vintage and found fabrics I have squirreled away over the years. I am very mindful that I am printing new fabrics and balance is needed.

I have always been a magpie for vintage fabrics and have collected them since my days as a student at GSA. The '60s and '70s was an era I have always loved, I am a child of the '70s after all. That heady mix of maximalist colour and pattern has always been a draw, the interiors, the colour, the overall vibe is a huge reason I studied textiles at school.

It was after the birth of my son Joe (now 14) that I decided to take a 'career break' and so on a ropey sewing machine, I started sewing some vintage fabrics (I had been collecting since my days at Art School) into accessories for my new home. Admired by friends who then placed orders, and so Clarabella was born!

Cushions and lampshades were my currency and still are along with an ever-growing range of products. I love the bespoke aspect of working with vintage and found fabrics.  Over the years I have been commissioned to complete customers rooms with beautifully made lamps and soft furnishings here are just a few.

If you would like to commission a piece or need advice about what would work in your room or have inherited a vintage lamp you cannot find the right shade for then get please in touch I would be happy to help.

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