Clarabella Christie

Vintage Clarabella

Once upon a time there was a girl (a textile design student) who had a passion for vintage and found textiles.  She would gather them from all sorts of places, from carboot sales to charity and thrift stores all over the land. They started life as wonderful old curtains, clothing and bedding ,every piece of fabric told a story and had a life and memory of its own.

She delighted in the heady mix of pattern and colour and print from the 60's and 70's (she was a child of the 70's afterall) hoping one day to give new life and purpose to these fragments of a time more groovy and carefree. 

She boxed them up got on with life and work,  moving house a couple of times, getting married and having two kids along the way.

When one day she got bored of coffee mornings and playgroup chat and a tidy house she decided to itch her creative scratch and had a  light bulb moment. 

'I will recycle these beautiful fabrics into unique home accessories to feather my nest'....and so Clarabella was born.

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