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#printedgoodness a fresh collection of printed homewares and accessories handmade in Dunfermline by Clarabella Christie.  Textile/Interior Designer and Workshop host.



Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year, beautiful colours, those beautiful low suns and  walks.  It is a time for a change and that is just what has been happening at Clarabella HQ, with a raft of new designs and directions and a brand new studio space to boot.


It has indeed been a strange old year and so far it is has been particularly challenging for those of us who work alone in design. I would be teaching in my studio through spring and into autumn terms as well having a raft of selling events/shows under my belt by this time but alas not his year.  So I have as a result been spending time learning new skills and designing new collections...every cloud and all that...





Join me this November and December in my new studio space where I will be running an open studio in a very special new venue.  This will be an appointment-only event, with tickets available through Eventbrite.   Every effort has been made to make this a safe socially distanced event...tickets go live this Saturday 9th October 9am...get in there quick to grab your slot...more details on my events page.
















Interested in stocking my products then please get in touch via email to access my Trade Pricelist.  I would love to work with some exciting new shops.


[email protected]

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One of the oldest most historic buildings in Dunfermline, it has been closed for over five years.  A new management team are waking up this jewel of a building and breathing life into its rooms.

When the opportunity of studio space came up I jumped at the chance. Situated in the historic quarter, the many buildings in this street are the inspiration behind my 'Hometown' collection.  It has the most beautiful views out over a stunning herb garden and Dunfermline Abbey . Fondly know as 'The Pink House' it is just wonderful to make this my new home.

 Welcome to Abbot House


New collection....

Hello....Disc 'O' my newest and most vibrant collection of prints. Inspired by a beautiful old window in my hometown and  the wonderful colour saturated interiors of 70's designer Verner Panton.


This collections has four sumptious velvet cushions and matching lampshades.... check out what I have been making of late and shop the collection.

final poster copy

Open Studio Event Christmas 2020