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TO 2018


This is by far my favourite time of year, new plans to be made, goals to be reached and lots of nice new things to design, create and make. First up this year I am making and photographing my new online shop, Santa bought me a nice new camera for that very job. I have lots of plans for exciting new workshops and classes which I will run from my studio throughout the year.  Visit my classes page to see what new for 2018.

So if you would like to learn something new this year, get inspired to create or learn to sew for the very first time then my studio stitching classes and workshops should fit the bill...lets sew, it is officially good for the soul!






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Stop the bus !!

I have only gone and landed a spread in February's edition of the very lovely Homes and Antiques magazine about my new 'Hometown'  collection. You can get a sneaky peak around my home in the Kingdom of Fife and all the junk I have curated over the years. Its officially the cleanest my house will ever be.



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Photographs by Doug Gibb

poster CROP2018 DSCN5050